Safety and Security at Montage Fulfillment

We believe that the safety and security of your products is of the utmost importance. Montage Fulfillment utilizes top-notch security tools and procedures at all of our facilities to ensure your assets are safe at all times of the day and night.

Our buildings are monitored by security personnel through state-of-the-art surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so your products are always safe. Our system protects your merchandise against burglary and fire during off hours, while all warehouses, offices, and doors are completely secured. All of our facilities are always well-lit inside and out.
Access and Theft Control
Our buildings are staffed with security guards in professional uniforms during operating hours. Strict security procedures are implemented with all visitors, vendors, and drivers, as well as full time and temporary employees. Access is tightly controlled and monitored and access to sensitive areas is further restricted by fenced cages and additional safety procedures.
Shipping and Receiving Security
All cargo entering and departing any of our facilities receives close evaluation and is processed through our Warehouse Management System for accuracy and easy real-time access by our customers. In addition, proper customer authorization and releases are always implemented.
Information Technology Security

We apply Information Technology security controls at all levels. IT security and safety tools and procedures as well as backup systems, such as local backups and offsite data replication, are our clients’ top priorities and they are implemented at the company, facility, and individual levels.

Internal Controls

We conduct regular staff meetings at each station to ensure that all operating and security procedures are complied with. Corrective action items, if any, are approved by senior management and implemented immediately. We believe in continuous improvement and all our safety and security tools and procedures are reviewed regularly to ensure uncompromising service to our customers.