Distribution Centers Near Me


Los Angeles – Our Distribution Center

Do you know that traveling to the West Coast is the shortest distance for inbound consignments manufactured in Asia? And that they’re moved to the West Coast using ocean freight? 

All products that are shipped to East Coast ports or the Gulf arrive at the West Coast first, and then  trickle down past Mexico, and then Central America using the Panama Canal before making a stop at Gulf ports and finally arriving in the East Coast.

On the West Coast, there are many ports used for shipping purposes, but the biggest and busiest is probably the Port of Los Angeles due to its prime access to Western US population centers. If we talk about demographics, then California has to be the most populated state in the US, with an estimate 38 million residents; the Greater Los Angeles Area has an estimate population of 18.5 million.


The Advantages You’ll Have

We have a distribution center in Los Angeles that offers a unique advantage over other distribution points in the US with respect to inbound ocean freight speed and cost of delivery (directly from Asia to North America).

Shipping to the West Coast instead of the East Coast doesn’t only save time, but it also a ton of money, ($1,800 per container) while minimizing the time-in-transit by about two weeks.

The biggest nightmare for retailers and suppliers is being stuck in a backorder situation and having to wait for another couple of weeks for their consignment to reach their distribution center. Montage Fulfilment LLC is located near the Port of LA; this makes it easy for us to store and distribute all the goods on time and every time.


Best Distribution Center Near You

LA has dry, moderate-to-warm weather all year-round, allowing for uninterrupted shipping bound for US warehouses. Most fulfillment companies that are located near Nevada have to deal with weather-related issues. Montage Fullfilment LLC is located suitably close to Los Angeles International Airport,which also makes it easy for land-to-air transport.


Let Montage Handle Your Shipping Troubles

Whether you have a fully-functioning warehouse, adding one or more of Montage’s fulfillment centers to boost your distribution network will up your warehousing logistics game to the next level. You can take advantage of reduced shipping charges coupled with dynamic and quick delivery.

If you’re having second thoughts about the entire thing, contact our front line executives who will provide you with a quote. Or, you can also inquire about the particular benefits of our distribution center services that you’ll have access to.